Medical simulation is the golden standard of healthcare education, but at the same it consumes a lot of resources (time, money, space). Our VR-simulations offer many advantages compared to traditional simulation training.

Students are immersed in life like healthcare situations in our simulations, where they can test and train their skills. Like in real healthcare settings, students are part of a multi-professional team trying to solve different scenarios.

VR-skill labs

In VR-skill labs students are able train specific healthcare procedures and skills without limitations. Students are able to repeat rehearsing as much as needed in order to gain the skills and self confidence needed.

Benefits in training with us:

  • Repeatability
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Objective evaluation
  • Multi-professional training
  • High-quality
  • Evidence-based contents
  • Free from time and space
  • Realistic and flexible patients and environments
  • Scalability – Standardization
  • Accessibility
  • Student engagement – immersion –  fun

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